Can You Lose Weight by Doing Yoga?

Can You Lose Weight By Doing Yoga

Everybody knows that yoga can make you feel incredibly flexible and calm even on your worst days.

However, are there any other benefits of yoga?

Lots of people often ask, can you lose weight doing yoga?

Well, the good news is yes, you can totally shed a few pounds by doing yoga. Burning calories and becoming more balanced and flexible are just some of the benefits of doing yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga ultimately helps you lose weight by curbing emotional eating and allowing you to be fully present during your yoga practice.

Ultimately you build strength and enlarge the capacity of your mind and body as they work together to support your weight loss.

Can yoga help you lose belly fat?

Belly Fat Yoga

Yoga can indeed help you lose belly fat.

It’s a traditionally consistent aerobic exercise; however, certain types of yoga more physical and intense than others.

Some of the more active and intense styles of yoga include Ashtanga, power yoga, and Vinyasa yoga.

Ultimately these types of yoga will help to prevent weight gain as they are more physical and dynamic.

Both Power and Vinyasa yoga are offered at most yoga studios.

They keep you constantly moving, so you are continuously burning calories.

Ultimately you also develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism over time.

Restorative yoga is a less physical type of yoga, but it still helps in weight loss.

One specific study found that restorative yoga is effective in helping obese women lose weight and belly fat.

So these findings are good for people who want to lose body fat from doing vigorous forms of yoga.

Yoga is a promising way to help with behavioral change, maintenance by burning cavities, weight loss, reducing stress, and heightening mindfulness.

Ultimately all of these factors reduce your intake of food and make you become more aware of your eating habits.

Ultimately there are a lot of factors that are needed in order to lose belly fat, including nutrition, stress levels, and workout intensity.

Woman Eating Salad

You can certainly help in the process.

Studies from Harvard University show that resistance training is ultimately best for targeting your belly area.

In any and all cases, it’s always a good idea to monitor the amount of belly fat you have.

This is not just for your physical health but your mental health as well.

Studies of yoga show that women who experienced high levels of stress, while slim, where a higher risk of having belly fat.

So by calming down, you can reduce belly fat.

Ultimately, although yoga can help you lose weight, the amount of weight that you lose depends on several factors, as well.

Sleep habits, lifestyle habits, and of course, nutrition habits will play a role in the overall process.

Ultimately even if you are practicing yoga religiously, and on a daily basis, you still need to be completely aware of what you are eating.

Fresh foods and those that are low in calories and carbs are definitely recommended.

Regardless of what type of exercise you are doing, losing weight is a combination of having the proper nutrition as well.

How can yoga help you get in shape?

Woman Yoga

Yoga helps you lose weight in one of two ways.

Half of the experience is mental, while the other half is physical.

When you embark on your journey, you’ll start to see things differently.

It transforms you from the inside out and in that order, respectively.


Your practice will lead you down a journey of truth, connectedness, and consciousness.

So ultimately became you begin a sort of “waking up” process inside you.

You start to disconnect from your ego and drown out that insistent voice inside your mind that constantly draws you towards your problems.

Ultimately you’ll become aware of a lot of unhealthy attachments, and this voice is also responsible for your bad decisions.

The mind needs to be tamed by doing yoga consistently and ultimately setting goals.

By continuously practicing yoga and continuing on the journey of self-awareness, you are liberating yourself, body, and mind.

You’ll start to identify with areas where you are weak and start addressing it.

You also start to enjoy what feels good, and your destructive habits will be brought to light.

Ultimately you will be capable of better decision-making, lifestyles, and better choices when it comes to nutrition and so on.

Ultimately when you make better choices regarding your health and eating habits, weight loss is a natural benefit.


Detox Yoga

Ultimately yoga provides hundreds of different types of poses and postures that are available in a variety of flows and sequences.

All of these poses have some type of physical benefit.

Every pose is related to or has some type of detoxification benefits.

Ultimately detoxification encourages you to have a healthy body and mind.

When you detox, you rid of junk in the body that’s weighing you down.

The different types of yoga are all beneficial when it comes to detoxifying your body and improving flexibility, toning muscles, your state of mind, and burning calories.

However, if your goal is to lose weight simply, there are certain types of yoga that are more effective than others.

If your goal is to burn fat and keep it off, then Vinyasa yoga and power yoga are probably the two best types of yoga to start investing in.

They’re both fast-paced, and they provide a mixture of strength and cardio training.

The combination is powerful and geared towards burning fat and promoting lean muscle mass.

Ultimately these two types of yoga will encourage your body to burn anywhere between 400 to 600 calories each hour.

This is ultimately equivalent to the number of calories burned during a one-hour gym session.

Which type of yoga is best for weight loss?

Group Of Women On Yoga Class

People find themselves asking which is the best type of yoga for weight loss?

If overall weight loss is your ultimate goal, then it’s crucial that you choose the appropriate type of yoga.

There are literally dozens of different types of yoga out there.

Some types of yoga, such as the Hatha is more relaxing and will definitely give you enough momentum to lose calories.

On the other hand, some other types of yoga, such as hot yoga, is great for burning fat.

Weight loss is complex, to say the least. The object is to consume fewer calories than you are actually able to button.

People who look to yoga for weight loss,  ultimately, need to understand that practicing yoga is so much more than just physical.

It incorporates your mind, spirit, and body.

So while there are lots of physical benefits that can be seen, the mental and spiritual benefits are unseen.

There are lots of different types of yoga out there; however, when it comes to weight loss, there are some types of yoga that are more appropriate and will offer the most benefits.


Woman Doing Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses from one movement to the next. There are low push-ups and challenging sequences.

This type of yoga has the power or the core to keep you focused and stretching. Perhaps the beauty behind this type of yoga is that there is so much variety.

So if you can find the right instructor, this is a pretty challenging class that can help you burn plenty of calories.


Ashtanga is a more militant type of yoga, and it incorporates arm balances, core strength, and strength training.

So if you’re looking for something that has a strict routine, this may just be the type of yoga for you.

Ultimately there’s a purpose for each type of movements and it stems from the history, meditation, and focus of each pose as a centerfold.


Bikram yoga is also referred to as hot yoga and makes use of 26 specific poses.

This type of yoga is performed in rooms with temperatures raised to approximately 100°F, so you’re going to do a lot of sweating.

The heat also allows you to stretch your muscles easier. It’s important to drink plenty of water, especially during this process.

How many days a week should you do yoga?

Woman Stretching

Lots of newbies to yoga often find themselves asking how often they should be doing yoga.

The truth is there is no short or simple answer to this question.

Irrespective of what your goals are for doing yoga, there is no quick yoga fix, and it simply doesn’t exist.

Lots of yogis will tell you it’s not just another workout.

They are volumes and volumes of ancient texts that explore all the aspects of yoga, and the physical aspects are just a small portion of all that yoga has to offer.

Yoga can, in fact, enhances your physical and mental health.

Ultimately it is an overall mind and body wellness regime that helps you to connect with your entire being.

Yoga, unfortunately, is not a cookie-cutter. So it is different for each individual.

The practice is all about deepening the relationship between your body and mind, so it’s hard to say exactly what is best for everyone because what’s best for one might no the best for the next one.

However, when it comes to using yoga to lose weight, it is recommended that you do it on a daily basis.

This is said from a commonsense point of view. In order to lose weight by doing any type of exercise regime, there needs to be consistency in it.

So if you’d like weight loss results by doing yoga, you firstly need to practice the right type of yoga which is mainly Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Bikram yoga and secondly, you need to do it on a consistent basis.

So some people might choose to do it once in the day while others may choose to do it several times a day, and others may just choose to do to three times a week.

Ultimately, your consistency will be the outcome of your results.

Does yoga tone your body?

Woman On Beach Showing Muscles

Yoga is ultimately a great form of exercise and a superior art form.

You can do it anywhere, and it doesn’t require the use of any special or additional tools. It enhances your flexibility and balance, as well as muscle tone.

Yoga poses serve two functions and use your body weight to tone your muscles while also strengthening them.

Certain poses engage your muscle groups to improve flexibility, balance and muscle tone.

So yes, yoga can indeed improve your muscle tone and, ultimately, your flexibility and balance.

With the regular practice of yoga, you start to notice a more sculpted body and toned muscles.

And this is all without having to lift weights at the gym.

Your workout at the gym can help to burn a lot of calories at a faster pace; however, it does put a lot of stress on your bones.

It also places unnecessary stress on your joints and muscles and makes you more vulnerable to injuries.

On the other hand, when practicing yoga, you go through certain motions that will loosen and tighten your muscles and not put any unnecessary pressure on your joints.

So when it comes to toning up, although you can do it at the gym, yoga does not put any stress on your bones and therefore enhances your body’s ability to store calcium.

So while it tones your muscles, it also strengthens your bones at the same time and this is an added bonus.

Your workouts should be challenging enough to see muscle tone definition.

So get your body used to the poses, and as your flexibility and strength increases, you can start doing more complex and dynamic poses.

You should also start increasing the pace of each pose and hold each pose for longer.

Also, try to modify and do new versions of the poses to give you increased muscle tone and definition.

Is yoga enough to stay fit?

Woman Doing Yoga Cardio

Yoga is a wonderful exercise regime.

It stretches and tones your muscles, and creates balance and flexibility.

It is also beneficial for the nervous system and for neutralizing stress and deep relaxation.

It’s more popular than ever, with more than 36 million Americans participating in yoga classes.

Ultimately, whether you need to do additional exercise in conjunction with your yoga training is completely up to the type of yoga you are doing and what gear you’re using.

Aside from doing light exercise, you also need to do strength and resistance training as well to help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and maintain your mobility.

Ultimately this can be done by practicing certain types of yoga such as Vinyasa and Bikram yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is also a military form of yoga and is great for mind and body discipline.

So provided you are doing fast-paced yoga that gets your cardio working and gives you plenty of resistance in the poses, yoga is all you need to be fit and healthy.

Even if you still choose to hit the gym and participate in resistance, cardio with strength training, lots of people will still keep their yoga practices simply because of the benefits that it offers.

Here are some of the reasons why so many people are taking up yoga and planning on keeping it.

Yoga helps you gain flexibility, reduces stress, boost your general fitness, improve your overall health, and improve your overall physical fitness.

It definitely has infiltrated society, and it’s everywhere.

Yoga studios are popping up all over the place and people from all ages and walks of life are participating in yoga classes.

Related Questions

Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

Yes, you definitely can. However, you need to practice more intense types of yoga such as Bikram, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.

Do you need to do additional exercises in conjunction with yoga?

No, if you participate in intense yoga styles such as hot yoga, it is enough to give you cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance which are all of the aspects needed for fitness.

How old should I be to start practicing yoga?

There is no typical age and you should start when you are ready.

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