How to Prepare For Your First Yoga Class: The Essential Guide

How To Prepare For Your First Yoga Class: The Essential Guide

If you are new to yoga and you have a lot of questions about what you’re getting into, then you’re not alone.

Lots of newbies wonder about what to wear, what to take, and how to prepare themselves for their very first yoga class.

So the question is, how do you prepare for your very first yoga class?

Well, to put it simply, you need to know what to wear, what to take, how to prepare yourself and a few practical tips to begin.

So let’s take a closer look at how you’re going to prepare for your very first yoga class.

What to expect from the first yoga class

Your First Yoga Class

Going to your very first yoga class can be daunting, to say the least.

This is because you have no idea what to expect, and you’re not sure exactly how your first class is going to go. However, here’s a few things that you need to know about your very first yoga class.

You’re not going to nail all of your steps on the first day.

In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable because no one expects you to. You can only push your body so far, and something else you need to know is that yoga works muscles you didn’t even know you had.

So your first class is going to be quite a challenge, and you’re going to be a bit shocked.

You have to feel the burn and the twist of your body, and while that’s normal, if you are unsure about doing a pose, that’s quite normal as well.

So pay close attention to your instructor or your neighbor to ensure that you’re hitting as many steps right as possible. However, if you don’t, then it’s okay too.

It’s crucial that you communicate with your instructor

Instructors serve a primary purpose, and that’s to guide and help you.

Although their experts, they are not going to make fun of you for not knowing how to do something. So if you have any questions at all, irrespective of silly it sounds in your own head, don’t be worried to ask.

Your instructor will adjust your poses if you’re comfortable with it

You may not be comfortable with your instructor adjusting you while you’re doing poses.

And if you’re not, then you should voice it. However, this is basically one of the only ways that you’re going to learn how to do your poses correctly.

If you don’t mind being touched and if you’re in a yoga class, you shouldn’t, then allow your instructor to correct your poses as this will make a huge difference in your ongoing progress.

It is important to breathe

First Yoga Class Breathing classes

Breathing is one of the key elements of yoga.

Even though we breathe all day and every day, the type of breathing you do in yoga is more methodical and mindful. You are required to hold your breath for several seconds and to do a long exhale and, ultimately, this serves a purpose.

You also want to inhale when you open your chest and then breathe out on bends to detoxify your body and lungs.

Not all classes are the same

If it’s your first time or you are a beginner, do not go in for the hot power yoga session.

Hot yoga classes are intense and fast-paced and usually held in 90 degrees Celcius rooms. So when you are starting out, go for the basic class such as a restoration or relaxation class.

Once you nail those classes, then you can move up to the more intensive and dynamic yoga poses.  There’s nothing stopping you from trying out a few different types of yoga classes to see exactly what works best for you.

You’ll hear the word “Namaste” a lot

Namaste Word

So it’s best to get used to it as you will hear the word used a lot in your yoga class. Ultimately, Namaste means “I bow to you.”

It’s also taken as a gesture of gratitude and respect. It also creates a bond between your classmates, your instructor, and yourself.

When you say the Namaste you are usually required to put your palms together at your heart and bow slightly.

You need to wear comfortable and stretchy attire

You don’t need to wear branded outfits or anything expensive.

Ultimately you do need something that’s comfortable and stretchy for yoga. Leggings are usually preferred since there’s a lot of movement on the mat, and something you don’t want to get is mat burn on your first class.

Lots of people prefer using loose and flowing tops, while others prefer using tight tank tops. Ultimately the choice is yours.

You don’t need to bring your own mat

Unless you absolutely need to, you don’t necessarily need to take your own yoga mats.

If you are trying yoga for the first time, it is recommended that you lay off on getting your own mat for a while. Lots of yoga gyms and studios provide free mats to use, and some of them are even available to rent if you want to take them home.

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated while doing Yoga

Yoga does not look like a very strenuous activity; however, it’s a workout like any other.

So what you want to do is stay hydrated as much as you can with water before hitting the mat. So carrying a water bottle with you to class is imperative.

Child’s pose

Child’s poses are one of the favorite poses amongst many yoga practitioners. This is because you actually get a chance to relax in the middle of the class.

You need to lay with your forehead resting on the mat with knees bent and your arms laid out behind you.

Yoga is always present

Irrespective of what type of experience you had in your first class, you should know that yoga is always available for you to try again.

There’s a yoga community that is absolutely wonderful and always welcomes you with open arms. You may not go to regular classes; however, when you do, you will have people there to welcome you and make you feel at home.

What to wear to (first) yoga class

Yoga Outfits

You may be under the impression that you need to get all dressed up for your yoga class; however, the contrary is true.

For your first class it’s recommended that you use items that you already have on hand. Try to keep things as simple as possible.

Shoes: Yoga is usually done barefoot. Occasionally you may see some people wearing a special kind of sock or shoe; however, that’s usually due to a medical condition. If you feel uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of strangers, then try investing in yoga sucks. These socks have a non-slip layer at the bottom so that it grips the mat and prevent you from slipping.

Pants: There are many different styles of yoga and, therefore, many different styles of yoga pants. However, you don’t have to go out and buy a special pair for your first class.

Any comfortable pair of pants will doy. You could wear a pair of leggings or jeans. Ultimately what you want to make sure of is that the fabric is stretchable.

Tops: Some people prefer wearing tight tank tops while others prefer wearing baggy tops.

Ultimately it all depends on personal preference. Sleeveless tops are very popular as it allows you the freedom of movement, but you can be whatever you feel comfortable in.

Hot yoga: If you’re going to be joining a hot yoga or Bikram yoga class, then you need to note that these are held in hot rooms, and cotton attire is an absolute must.

Cotton also traps and holds heat close to your body. Shorts are recommended, and apparel that has moisture-wicking capabilities.

Related Questions

Should you take your own mat to your first yoga class?

Yoga mats

You can if you want to, but most gyms and yoga studios provide free mats to be used during class. There’s even a rent option if you want to take it home.

What type of clothing do I need for my first class?

You need attire that easy to move around in, so ultimately it’s up to personal preference. You can use a pair of leggings and a tank top or stretchy pants with a loose top.

Why does everyone keep saying “Namaste” in class and what does it mean?

“Namaste” means “I bow to you” and is a gesture of gratitude and respect originating in Hindu culture.

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