Does Facial Yoga Work? Here’s Why It’s Worth Trying

Does Facial Yoga Work Heres Why Its Worth Trying

When we talk about “aging gracefully”, it can be a frightening figure of speech.

This is because we live in a world full of anti-wrinkle serums and creams, which are also loaded with tons of toxins and chemicals.

However, what if there was an easier and more natural way of boosting your youthful looks without any nasty side effects or without any anti-wrinkle creams?

Well, the good news is that there actually is. This all-natural facial is called facial yoga.

So aside from wondering if facial yoga is actually a real exercise, you probably also asking if facial yoga really does work?

Well, the short answer is yes; it has been proven to get the desired results.

Although it seems strange to think that our faces to be exercised, there are, in fact, lots of surprising benefits offered by facial yoga, and it is a fantastic addition to your beauty regime.

What is face yoga? 

Woman Massaging

Most of us understand that one of the best ways to maintain health and vitality is to exercise.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of yoga and Pilates is that you look great in your favorite pair of jeans or swimsuit.

Anyone who says that they don’t really care about what they look like is most certainly lying.

So if you were told that facial exercises could help you obtain a more youthful appearance, what would you say?

The truth is facial yoga is actually wellness fad, and people all around the world cannot get enough of it.

It consists of doing poses with your face the same way you would do poses with your body in a traditional yoga class.

Instead, now you’re doing it with your facial muscles.

Ultimately when you do these poses with your face, you are increasing blood flow and circulation and also increasing the collagen in your skin, which ultimately gives you the beautiful, healthy complexion and glows.

It simply, facial yoga is, in fact, exercise for your face.

How to do facial yoga?

As we mentioned earlier, facial yoga involves doing a series of poses with your facial muscles. So let’s take a closer look at some of those poses.

The Giraffe

Woman Doing Giraffe Pose

For this pose, look straight out in front of you, put your fingertips at the bottom of your neck and start stroking the skin in a downward direction as you tilt your head back.

Thereafter bring your head back down so that your chin is resting on your chest. Repeat this step twice.

Next, you should push the nose up out as much as you can, then pulled on the corners of your mouth.

Thereafter put your fingertips on your collarbone and point your chin towards the ceiling. Hold this pose for 14 minutes.

The puppet face

This step allows you to lift sagging lines around the nose.

So start by smiling with teeth showing and then press your fingertips into the line between your nose and lips.

Then lift the skin up and place pressure with your fingertips onto your face and into the muscles to create/resistance. Hold your fingers there for 20 seconds.

Fish face

Most of you are quite familiar with the fish face; however, what you didn’t know is that it can actually make you look younger if you do it over a space of time.

All you need to do in this step is to smile and make a fish face by sucking the insides of your cheeks into the gap that’s between the sides of your teeth.

Feel free to repeat this step approximately five times.

The V

Face Yoga

This step allows you to fight drooping eyelids, puffy eye bags, and crows feet.

So start by pressing your middle fingers in the spot between your eyebrows then use your index fingers to place slight pressure on the outer corners of your eyebrows.

Then look up and lay your low eyelids upwards to sort of squint and relax.

The step should be repeated six times, and each time you should shut your eyes tightly for maybe 10 seconds.

The flirty eyes

If you are trying to combat droopy eyebrows and eye hollows, this is a perfect pose.

Your index finger should be placed under each eye and pointing towards your nose. Keeping your mouth open pull your lip down over your teeth.

Thereafter flutter our eyelids while looking at the ceiling for 30 seconds.

Surprise me

Without engaging your forehead, make your eyes as wide as possible and hold your eyes open until they start to water.

Smooth the brow

Smooth The Brow

Interlock your fingers and hands and place them over your four head and sweep them outwards to smooth out the lines on the forehead.

Doing this will tighten the skin and smooth it out over time. You should do this approximately 10 times.

The smile smoother

If you want to combat sagging skin and cheek lines, and this is one pose you cannot miss.

Start by making an “o” shape with your mouth and keep the teeth hidden. Make sure you are smiling widely behind your lips.

Repeat this step six times. After you’ve done this, hold your toothless smile and place one index finger on your chin.

Then move your jaw up and down as tilt your head back. Relax and repeat this two times.

Baby bird

This is great for preventing sagging neck and chin. Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and lift your chin towards the ceiling. Smile and swallow for 30 seconds.

The Buddha’s face

In the step, you should keep your eyes closed and visualize a light coming from the spot between your eyebrows.

Make a very light smile and chime “OM” for two minutes. Ultimately this pose is meant to return your worked face to its neutral state.

By dedicating just a few minutes each morning or before bedtime to do these facial poses, you’ll start to notice the difference after just two weeks in the appearance of your face.

After four months, you will see considerably tighter skin and reduced aging lines.

Does facial yoga work?

Woman Looking In The Mirror

The thought of aging doesn’t necessarily fill us with warm and fuzzy feelings.

This is because all of us would love to look younger for longer. And perhaps it is this human nature that has led to an abundance of anti-aging remedies on the market.

However, lots of them aren’t backed up by scientific evidence and they are ridiculously expensive and painful.

Scientists have recently discovered evidence that there is a noninvasive technique that can actually help make you look younger by doing it for just 20 minutes a day.

This technique is known as facial yoga, and the best part is it’s free of charge.

Now you may be tempted to laugh at how ridiculous that sounds, however, research from Northwestern University in Illinois was actually able to prove that by spending just 30 minutes a day working out your facial muscles,  you can tighten your cheek areas and ultimately look younger.

This exercise has been done by people for years; however, this is the first time that scientists are looking into whether it is something that works or not.

There is some evidence that facial yoga can improve your facial appearance and also decrease some of the visible signs of aging.

It also helps to strengthen and enlarge the facial muscles to make the face firmer more toned and shaped like a younger individual.

Ultimately the study was conducted to test the concept of facial yoga. It examined a small group of people that completed a 20-week program.

So while there is some evidence that facial yoga can make you look younger, research is not fully developed and still needs to be continued.

Training Face

However, as it stands, the study does offer some hope that you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on antiaging creams and serums to look younger.

And if this treatment is something that is proven to be 100% scientifically backed up, then you can avoid the unnecessary cost, the toxic treatments, and of course, the invasive procedures to try and make you look younger.

When people want to lose weight, they exercise their bodies, so why should the same principle not to be true with your face.

If you like to get your face in better shape, then facial yoga should be an acceptable and viable option.

Ultimately, your face is basically the only area that doesn’t get a good workout.

And what most people don’t know is that there’s actually a lot of muscles underneath the skin that need to be worked out in order to stay sculpted and tone.

Some of the main reasons that people do facial yoga are to prevent signs of aging, such as loose and sagging skin.

Sagging is experienced as people age and also the fact that such fat pads get stored under the skin as it stretches and becomes thinner over time.

By exercising your facial muscles, you are tightening them, and it can make your face appear more contoured and lifted.

Ultimately the goal of facial yoga should be to strengthen the underlying muscles in the face.

If you strengthen the muscles in your cheekbone, then theoretically, you can sharpen your cheekbones and have a sharper jaw.

Aside from this, there are many other benefits of facial exercises.

Firstly, it’s completely free, and the only thing you need to invest is your time. They also don’t include any chemicals, so there are no side effects.

There are a lot of people that don’t want to have anything injected into their faces, and you don’t want to try out creams or serums that could potentially be toxic, then this is a great option for you.

Does face yoga cause or remove wrinkles?

Woman Smiling

When you’re on the Internet, you’ll discover various types of facial exercises that are supposed to get rid of your wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Facial yoga is one of those exercises.

While it can help to decrease wrinkles and fine lines by just doing it for a few minutes, lots of other exercises on the Internet can actually cause more lines and wrinkles to appear.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the correct exercises.

Facial yoga involves making funny faces and doing uncontrolled facial movements that ultimately wear out and stretch the skin.

This technique ultimately teaches you how to control your facial muscles and also activate the muscle.

Lots of people don’t give much thought to facial muscles, or their function.

However, your facial expressions actually mimic something that comes from within us naturally as we express our emotions.

However, over time, facial expressions will lead to wrinkles, and this is especially as you age.

However, by investing in the right exercises, you are controlling and minimizing the formation of wrinkles on your face.

However, you should proceed with caution because doing it the wrong way can, in fact, lead to more wrinkles.

When it comes to facial yoga, the trick is to create resistance using your facial muscles.

So one muscle should push in one direction while the other should push in the opposite direction.

Woman Doing Face Yoga

Ultimately when creating facial expressions, you should take note of whether there are wrinkles on your skin or not.

Essentially this should be no wrinkles showing.

So if you do see signs of wrinkles in the moment of doing the exercise, it means that you’re doing it wrong or you’ve chosen the wrong exercise.

That is why lots of other exercises on the Internet are counter-effective.

This is because they train one part of the facial muscles and create more wrinkles on the other side.

Your hands can be used to keep your muscles and skin in place, so the pressure and extra weight make muscles work harder and prevent wrinkles from forming.

However, if you are an older individual and have excess skin on your face, you may still see some visible lines and wrinkles, and that’s perfectly okay.

However, you need to adjust your facial pose to smooth out those lines and wrinkles by using your fingers and hands.

It’s also extremely important to note that you’re doing controlled and slow movements, especially when you’re just starting out with facial yoga.

Gradually you can activate and get a feel of your facial muscles and get better control of them.

Keeping your facial muscles strong and active is crucial to keeping your skin firm. So using just one single facial exercise will not work.

Lasting results will come from following the sequence of facial yoga exercises.

Ultimately each facial yoga pose should activate your entire face step-by-step, and each pose is designed to focus on specific areas of the face.

So how do you go about avoiding wrinkles on your face when doing facial yoga?

Well, the key is to use the right exercises and also that right technique.

Since facial yoga exercises are gaining in popularity, you see a lot of face exercises and poses on the Internet.

However, the problem with that is some of them are not good at all and would indeed cause more wrinkles than anything else.

So you need proper structure, proper poses, and you need to execute the proper technique in order for facial yoga to be beneficial.

Here are some tips on how to avoid wrinkles when doing facial yoga:

  • In the beginning, you should not focus on one area only. So if you want to get started, find exercises that engage all the muscles surrounding your eyes.
  • Never ever start exercises that involve fast movements. Your muscles are likely to atrophy, and you’ll most probably not be able to control the movement of every muscle. So ultimately, this will create more wrinkles.
  • You should also protect the area that wrinkles form at all times. So whenever you see a wrinkle or fine line during exercise, use your finger to smooth it out

How to make your facial yoga journey pleasant and fruitful?

  • Ensure that you are taking instruction and advice from a certified yoga teacher that has the necessary experience and knowledge to back up that advice
  • Get clued up with how your face is structured and how your facial muscles look and work.
  • Invest in a training program that focuses on how to train your facial muscles. Ultimately you should start with the biggest and heaviest muscles first and slowly moved towards the smaller ones. Static exercises are great as well because it will teach you how to control your facial movement before moving to more dynamic poses
  • Even after the program is finished, you should continue with your facial yoga exercises. Your workouts should probably be anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes
  • Your workout should be done in front of a mirror so that you can have a clear view of exactly how you are exercising your facial muscles. This will also give you an opportunity to check the form and adjust your poses whenever you see wrinkles and lines
  • Your mind and soul should be included in the practice. Get a clear understanding and visualize what you’d like to achieve and how you’d like to look and then stay focused, and the results will come to you faster
  • Taking before and after pictures is also a great idea and a great way to stay motivated.
  • Finally, the key to seeing results with facial yoga is to be consistent. It’s not an overnight fix, and it will take time, patience, and effort on your part in order to see the results later.

Related Questions

Does facial yoga work?

Yes, it does, provided you are doing it the right way.

Do people actually see results with facial yoga?

According to research, people do get results and see a noticeable difference in their face after a few weeks of consistent facial exercises.

How long should you continue with facial yoga?

It is recommended that even after your program has ended, you should continue with the exercises for 10-15 minutes a day, indefinitely.

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