If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.





This fusion of movement modalities is a fun and exciting way to experience a partnership that builds trust, concentration and cooperation. AcroYoga is a blend of partner acrobatics, Thai massage, and yoga. A typical acroyoga class consists of a proper warm-up and partner stretching followed by guided technique instruction. Open to all levels.


Open to all levels, this Align + Flow class is a challenging blend of dynamic vinyasa and accessible alignment based yoga that’s curated to help you explore your full potential in the practice. Weaving rhythmic breath-work, creative sequencing, and clear alignment driven cues, Align + Flow empowers students to refine their poses and continually develop their practice, with the option of working towards more challenging postures by finding and expanding their edge.


Inspired by ballet, Pilates, yoga, sculpt and fitness, barre focuses on core strength and body alignment, which will improve your overall posture. Moving to an upbeat playlist, you will focus on small, repetitive body weight moves to build lean muscle. Some classes will even utilize light weights! This is truly a full body workout that incorporates resistance training, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

candlelight flow

End your evening with the tranquility of candlelight yoga. Our spacious, heated and dimly lit studio allows for an even deeper meditative state. Combing the heat in our studio, along with your pranayama, you'll build internal heat to melt away anything that is no longer serving you.

fire + flow

Ignite your inner warrior in this full body flow, while building internal heat. In this heated setting, you will strengthen and balance your body and mind as you move through a dynamic sequence set to an energizing playlist.

power detox

This is the perfect way to end the weekend. You'll be sure to work up a sweat in this 60 minute power flow with added heat. This class has added twists to massage your internal organs, and flush out toxins. You'll leave this class feeling rejuvenated.  


This is a power yoga class. You will combine the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga with a strong focus on alignment and core engagement. This class will strengthen your body, increase your flexibility and ramp up your metabolism. All levels welcome.


This intentional flow starts strong, igniting and waking up the body. You will build up an inner fire allowing your body to breathe deeper into the poses. As the body fires up we will incorporate longer holds; developing strength and flexibility. You’ll leave class feeling powerful, revitalized and ready for the week ahead.

Yoga Break

Incorporate some intentional movement to your busy day.  This 45 or 60 minute alignment based vinyasa practice will help you connect your breath and go deep into your poses while building strength and burning calories.

Yoga Sculpt

Ramp up your metabolism and build lean muscle mass in our sculpt class. Yoga Sculpt combines strength training, cardio and yoga to get the most out of your 60 minutes. This is a true full body workout that will leave you feeling energized! This class will Increase strength, flexibility and endurance.